2010年7月28日 星期三

CitySpeak XIV: Privatised Public Space - Do new guidelines solve the problems?

CitySpeak XIV: Privatised Public Space - Do new guidelines solve the problems?

Fringe Club
Saturday, 24 July
10am - 12.30pm

With the Times Square controversy, questions were raised about the management, legal status and design quality of Hong Kong’s public open spaces in private developments. In response, the Development Bureau commissioned a study to develop new design and management guidelines.

Why is it important to plan for public facilities in private developments? Will the proposed new guidelines help? Who will benefit? Who is paying for the process? How do we make our public spaces in private developments more attractive for the public?

Join designers, developers, community members and officials of the Development Bureau to look at examples of effective guidelines, and at the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed new guidelines.

Gracie Foo, Deputy Secretary (Planning and Lands)
Wallace Chang, Chinese University
Sujata Govada, The University of Hong Kong
Chris Law, Director, Oval Partnership
Mark To, Urban Planning Activities
Paul Zimmerman, Designing Hong Kong

Hendrik Tieben, Chinese University

乙城話XIV: 公共場合的私有化—新的政策是否能夠解決問題?



Wallace Chang, 香港中文大學
Sujata Govada, 香港大學
Mark To, Urban Planning Activities

Hendrik Tieben, 香港中文大學

2010年7月27日 星期二

5 best bar terraces that are so Hong Kong

5 best bar terraces that are so Hong Kong
Our ode to the bar terrace, the champion of our continual struggle to discover peaceful spaces in the mad urban build-up of Hong Kong By Nicholas Olczak 7 May, 2010

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The Fringe Club's terrace is a mellow hangout in bustling Central.

If the low-key Hong Kong bar terrace were a person, it would be a saint. The patron saint of those poor, lost, stressed-out souls, seeking a place where they can escape horrid bosses and noisy neighbors. Alas, the streets of this city are too crowded, so Hong Kong bars wishing to offer peaceful, spacious, outdoor seating, have to do so with elevated terraces. Some really distinctive terraces are tucked into the front of old Chinese buildings or stretch across rooftops all over Hong Kong. Our favorites are the ones with a mellow atmosphere that are situated just several stories high. This means the terraces are surrounded by highrises on all sides, giving a very Hong Kong feel to the 'view.' We can escape from the city and immerse ourselves in it at the same time. Here are six of our favorite:

The Fringe Club
After a visit to The Fringe’s rooftop terrace, it’s hard to understand why anybody would want to go sit in the dark, clammy interiors of Lan Kwai Fong bars. This large terrace is a real breathing space in the middle of Central. It's fantastically positioned with gleaming office buildings wrapped 360 degrees around. Add to this some cheap happy hour prices on Erdinger and John Smith’s beer together with tasty tapas dishes and you’re on to a winner.2 Lower Albert Road, Central, tel +852 2521 7521

Cup Cup Cafe
For anyone who’s not lucky enough to have their own luxury apartment with a big sun drenched balcony, then a trip to the terrace of Cup Cup is a nice alternative. With smart wicker seating, a barbeque, and just a few fashionable customers, it feels a lot like somebody’s designer home. It would be a great place to rest after battling through the shops and crowds of Causeway Bay or to bring a date for a quiet after-dinner drink. Unit 4B, Vincent House, 513-515 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, tel +852 3568 5978

Full Cup Cafe
A glance around at the tattooed and beanie wearing customers confirms this is the place where Hong Kong’s real hipsters choose to hang out, smoke, chat and enjoy the huge range of coffees, teas and comfort food.
With a mosaic sprawling over its back wall, a gnome perched over a little pond, and Lykke Li on the stereo, Full Cup’s terrace abounds in the type of kitschy cool and slight whimsy that makes Mongkok Mongkok. 4/F-6/F, Hanway Commercial Building, 36 Dundas Street, Mongkok, tel +852 2771 7775

The Pawn
Come six o’clock and The Pawn’s terrace fills up with suited business people who head here straight from the offices looking for a stylish place for post-work drinks.
If you can put up with, or even enjoy, this slightly ra ra clientele then the terrace is a great place to sit while watching the trams slide by on Hennessy Road. The Pawn has an impressive range of English and Belgian beers as well as deep fried finger foods to boot.
Alternatively, check out the rooftop of The Pawn, which is officially public space.2-3/F, 62 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, tel +852 2866 3444

Pizza Milano
This isn't a bar, but it's a pizza joint that is perfect for a boozy night out. The original Pizza Milano on Cochrane Street proves you don't need Italian charm when you have the cityscape of Hong Kong. Instead of looking out over a little European piazza as you eat, this terrace lets you marvel at the towers of Soho, and there’s something romantic about being wrapped in the magic of the city in this way. Combine this with authentic tasting stone-oven pizzas and you have one of those really unique eating experiences at which Soho excels. 9/F, Cheung Hing Comm Bldg, No. 37-43 Cochrane Street, Central, tel +852 2581 2848

Sense 99
Without even trying, the terrace of Sense 99 has more character than most bars in Hong Kong put together. Sit up here late in the evening and you’ll see a whole parade of hipsters, musicians, artists, and drunks come tumbling out from inside.
The terrace also feels immersed in history, located on an old Chinese walk-up building. It's a place which throbs with Hong Kong culture, both old and new.99 Wellington Street, Central, tel +852 9466-4695

Read more: Hong Kong bars: 5 best bar terraces that are so Hong Kong CNNGo.com http://www.cnngo.com/hong-kong/drink/terrific-terraces-109659#ixzz0urjnVU4t

2010年7月25日 星期日

台湾 拷秋勤@Fringe Club



這次活動能夠圓滿成功主要除了要感謝主辦單位 Rock Motel 外
讓我們繼續為這個世界努力吧!! PEACE!!

感謝 Rock Motel & 藝穗會,你們是最棒的!!


2010年7月6日 星期二

蛙王博物館@Fringe RTHK访问花絮

City Speak XIII-Heritage: How far do we dare to go

How are we going to use the growing list of buildings nominated as heritage sites?

Beyond places of worship, Hong Kong has little experience with conservation. As a result, there are few guidelines and many ideas. Property owners, developers, NGOs, architects, surveyors, engineers, government officials and the public will have to come to terms with how we deal with these choices in Hong Kong, and how we give heritage buildings a new life and purpose.

Join professionals and academics in moving the debate forward at this

CitySpeak event.


Dr. Lee Ho-yin, Assistant Professor in Architecture and Director, Architectural Conservation Programme (ACP), HKU. Dr. Lee is also a member of the Antiquities Advisory Board.


Bob Dickensheet, Director of Construction and Preservation, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and responsible for converting the historic North Kowloon Magistracy Building, Sham Shui Po, into a new SCAD campus.


Juan Du, Assistant Professor and Co-ordinator of the Masters Programme in Architecture, HKU, and Principal of IDU Architecture, which has undertaken recent conservation projects in Shenzhen.

Edward Leung Yee-Wah, Architect, Senior Associate with Aedas and Academic Director, HKU Space Cultural Heritage Management Programme, and Member of China Vernacular Architecture Society and China International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

Philip Liao, Architect. Recent conservation work by Philip Liao and Partners Limited includes Bethanie Hall and King Yin Lei Mansion.


Henry Rolph and Michael Morrison, Architects. Recent conservation work by Purcell Miller and Tritton in Hong Kong includes the Central Police Station.








Bob Dickensheet,美國薩凡納藝術設計學院建築和保育系主任,負責將位於深水埗北九龍裁判署建成全新的薩凡納藝術設計學院。



梁以華,建築師,凱達環球高級合夥人,香港大學專業進修學院文化遺產管理課程學術主任。China Vernacular Architecture Society和建築遺產保護國際會議會員。


Henry RolphMichael Morrison,建築師。最近參與Purcell Miller and Tritton建築公司專責是中央警署的保育項目。